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ACX is the tenth office swivel chair that Vitra has developed in collaboration with Italian designer Antonio Citterio. With its automatic synchronised mechanism, the compact ACX offers maximum comfort for every user – while exhibiting a distinctly non-technical appearance. The construction, materials, production, logistics and maintenance of ACX are designed to achieve a long life cycle with the smallest possible carbon footprint.
ACX Mesh: The backrest of ACX Mesh has a knitted fabric cover made of recycled polyester with a semi-transparent mesh appearance, which ensures ergonomic support and optimum air circulation.

ACX Soft: The backrest of ACX Soft comes with a padded knitted fabric cover made of recycled polyester, which not only offers exceptional comfort but also gives the chair a relaxed, inviting appearance.

ACX Light: The backrest of ACX Light, which is available exclusively in black, has a standard netweave cover and provides ergonomic support and excellent air circulation.
Sit & Work – Automatic, fast, easy and ergonomic
The ACX mechanism automatically adjusts to a wide range of user weights: even lightweight and heavier individuals can sit down and enjoy instant comfort and optimum support throughout the full scope of movement, without having to adjust anything except the seat height. That makes this office chair from Vitra particularly suitable for environments in which dynamic collaboration processes have replaced sitting for long periods in the same chair.

Reduce – Saves time, space and money, while also reducing CO2
ACX adapts instantly to the user, providing perfect ergonomic comfort. Its design is reduced to the essentials with just a limited number of components, which simplifies service and maintenance.

Recycle – Up to 100% recyclable and consists as much as around 60% recycled materials
The parts are made of recycled materials whenever possible – up to 60% depending on the model – and can be easily separated and recycled again at the end of the product's life. Depending on the chosen model, ACX is therefore up to 100% recyclable. The backrests of the ACX Mesh and Soft models have a three-dimensional form-fitted knit cover, which is pulled over the frame. The knitted cover is made of 100% recycled polyester.


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