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HAT electric lifting work station is a full range of work station series with mature design , which can easily meet different needs. Not only does it easily match other office furniture, it also allows users to instinctively adjust their standing and sitting height.



Max. Lifting Capacity 120kg

Height Adjustable Range (650~1300mm) Constant Speed ​​(0-80kg load @ 40mm/s) Low Noise Level 39dB

0.06W standby power consumption Anti-collision safety feature

Controls with Height display & memory functionality

Certification Label of safety specification

Very large operating load capacity of 120 kg

Height adjustable range (730~1300mm)

Constant speed operation (40mm/s under load of 0~80kg)

39 decibels ultra-low noise

0.06W ultra-low standby power consumption

Anti-impact safety protection

LCD height display hand control

High memory function

Research data shows that maintaining the same office posture for a long time is harmful to health.

Researchers have confirmed that spending long hours in front of a computer screen, working at a desk, and sitting in a fixed posture can cause physical discomfort and increase the risk of disease. It is also one of the leading causes of absenteeism and loss of productivity.

Office spaces need to be flexible and employees need to move their bodies.

The modular solution of electric lifting workstations emerged, which can easily meet the needs of any office activity or setting.

In today's rapidly changing environment, maintaining an active and flexible office environment is critical to business success.

Our HAT electric lifting workstation system is a great solution to the problem of sedentary work. Join our office revolution and try this healthy office solution.

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