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The Joyn 2 Platform serves as a basis for teamwork, and despite just four legs allows table lengths of up to 6.4 metres for 8 to 10 regular workspaces – with maximum legroom, easily accessible power and data options and diverse accessories for personalisation. The platforms emphasise the horizontal – only the accessories rise above the table surface.

Joyn 2 Platform is modular in design and easy to reconfigure in diverse formats. The table tops are available in three versions: as one-piece tops, as tops with a gap in the middle for easy access to power and data connections, and as a version with a technical rail – in the latter two versions, accessories can be fitted individually and repositioned as required. End table tops measuring 80 cm in depth add an additional fully-fledged workstation at either end of the table. Joyn 2 Platform can be adjusted from 74 to 82 cm in height.


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