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Modern offices should be flexible so that they can be adapted to changing conditions. Yet at the same time, an open office landscape needs organisational structures that reflect the company's identity and define pathways for movement and communication. This is where Kado Office comes into play.

Kado Office is a minimalist interior planning system consisting of freestanding structures. The clean lines of the frame give it an architectural look and playful three-dimensionality. Kado Office is accessible from both sides, so that in addition to providing storage space, it can also be modified with further elements and predefined modules to serve many other functions that facilitate office work.

Kado Office can be assembled into diverse configurations. Thanks to its ingenious construction with square tubes and corner connectors, the system has a light and airy appearance. The overall structure follows the grid format commonly used in office planning, with heights corresponding to three, five or seven ring binders. The frame can be equipped with elements such as lockers, pull-out drawer units, cabinets with side-hinged doors, open boxes, coat racks, whiteboards and fabric-covered panels as well as add-on tables or ThinkTank modules.

Kado Office elements are assembled, reconfigured and disassembled by simply twisting the square tubes through 45°.



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