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It's the material that shapes our MIT chair and makes it unique. The rigid PUR construction gives it clean lines and makes it durable, in addition to the comfort offered by the characteristic shape of its curves, made possible by its internal flexible structure. 

Uses for a chair or chair for all the uses?
Classified as universal chair, MIT reinvents a new style of chair with the aptitude to join with presumption to any current space. Slender and simple lines characterizes to a program made in one single piece where the framework, made entirely with flexible foam, reaches performance and is comfortable to all users. MIT has a version thought for every need, solutions for diverse environments of work both public and private, in a collective and individualized level.
Flexibility and resources´ optimization in collective environments, different needs arise in different moments; these days the room uses a great group, but tomorrow the requested space can be smaller. The stackable chairs, in these cases, are an ideal solution to store and to optimize the space.

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