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Design, ergonomics and functionality

Mobility Step improves the working life of professionals from all walks of life. Designers, architects, creators or lawyers benefit from a healthier working style by alternating periods of sitting down and standing up to create new working dynamics.

Mobility offers a wide range of model and different levels, which can be combined together so that the set-up possibilities are endless. Individual or twin desk confi gurations with a choice of cable trays and dividing screens. A desking system that allows for both individual and collective work

Sitting  for extended periods of time has many different consequences including muscle pain, hernias, poor circulation and risk of illnesses such as obesity, diabetes or heart problems. The Mobility family was created to prevent these health problems, with this programme of height adjustable desks by Actiu that promotes working sitting down or standing up. 

Design, ergonomics, customisation and functionality working to help creativity, concentration, socialisation, motivation and, in particular, people’s productivity and well-being.     

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