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As the newest generation in Humanscale’s NeatCharge line, NeatCharge Quad is a simple yet sophisticated wireless charger that enables up to four devices to charge directly on any work surface. A perfect solution for both home and office, NeatCharge boasts a sleek, space-saving design that discreetly adheres to the bottom of any desk or tabletop, ensuring constant power for your mobile devices throughout the day." 

No touchpoints – simply place your mobile device on the table to charge 

Wirelessly charge up to 10W* of Qi-compatible devices 

In today’s hybrid work environments, the demand for seamless, productivity-boosting solutions has never been higher. Enter Humanscale's NeatCharge Quad – a game-changer that not only charges up to four devices at once but eliminates common clutter. By banishing cables and chargers, it paves the way for a work surface that's easy to clean and effortless to maintain. 

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