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Designed by the renowned Alegre Design studio, Noom 60 stands out for its versatility and customizability. Each piece offers a friendly, cross-cutting design, available in a wide range of seat and frame options, from metal bases to wood, with or without casters.

For all environments

With its wrap-around monoblock shell design and built-in arms, Noom 60 ensures a comfortable and pleasant sitting experience. Its ergonomic design provides optimal support for long hours of work or meetings.

Its timeless aesthetics and functionality make Noom 60 a smart choice for those looking to combine style and comfort in their environments.

A style statement

Noom 60 is the new high-end piece of furniture of the Noom family that stands out for its robust and welcoming structure, ideal for corporate and hospitality environments.

With a variety of bases and an elegant upholstered version, it offers a wide range of high quality finishes to meet the most demanding needs.

The design of the Noom 60 and the Noom collection of chairs, armchairs and stools was the result of a creative and methodical process carried out by Alegre Design's design team, which relied on research, innovation and attention to detail to create products that combine style, functionality and quality.Alegre Design inspires change through design. Its team, composed of diverse profiles, is constantly looking for new ideas and perspectives from which to redefine services, products and experiences, providing value and innovation and creating a better future for people and companies.

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