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Spacio isn't just another chair. Spacio is many chairs.

Spacio is a highly functional range in its features that guarantees a versatile response to furnishing all types of environments. A modern chair with an off-road spirit to adapt to all kinds of spaces, from public to private, and with a range that includes chairs for meetings rooms, training and waiting areas.

Spacio combines simplicity and robustness in its structure and functionality in its features. A versatile solution to the furnishing needs of public and private environments, with a range with uses encompass meetings, educational and waiting areas.

Its thought-out design, different models and the wide variety of colours and possible upholstery combinations make the Spacio a lightweight and versatile chair, designed for different contract and living environments.

Spacio is not just another chair. Spacio are many different chairs. Its modern design has a robust and long-lasting structure that withstands the test of time, offering a level of comfort that has made it a classic within the Actiu portfolio.


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