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Twist offers a variety of configuration options which lend balance, rhythm, lightness and flexibility to the office. Part of a solid aluminium structure, composed of a steel central frame with legs that are attached using an aluminium injection assembly system which uses only one screw per leg. From this base point there are a range of options which can include up to three workstations in each individual structure.

With its organic structure and unique aesthetic, Twist Spine is a ACTIU 8. 9 model which has been designed for a new style of offices: active, organically growing, adaptable and functional, with an easy-toreach filing system and an optimum cable management system. Twist’s unique design combines visual lightness and a structural robustness.

Twist combines connectivity and technology at the work desk. The furniture consolidates technology and internet connection in a simple and natural manner, in this way reinterpreting the working environment. Efficiency of space, collaboration and the proximity of users are the raison d’être of this range. It encourages connection between tables, creating offices with a more fluid visual effect. Its unique assembly system makes it extremely efficient to install.

Among the innovative contributions of Twist are its trapezoid desks, which are available in a standard height or in a higher height for working in a standing position or sitting on a stool. This makes the desks perfect for presentations, videoconferences and online meetings since it means that the entire screen can be seen from any angle by the people using it.


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